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Mobile Phones have brought revolutionary changes to our day-to-day lives. Many people have migrated to mobiles from the conventional ways. Be it communication, payments, social media, music or many other areas, the role of mobile phones has exponentially increased. The news industry also witnessed dramatic changes over the last few years. From newspapers to television news, People have been consuming information on mobile phones in recent times. Check out local news to worldwide events in Telugu on NTV through YuppTV and stay updated with the latest information. 

 NTV is a 24-hour Telugu news channel that was launched on August 30, 2007, with an emphasis on public welfare. Rachana Television Pvt owns NTV Ltd (RTPL), by Narendra Choudary. NTV stands for Next Generation TV and brings diverse regional and global news. It has two sister channels, Bhakti TV and Vanitha TV. Bhakti TV is South India’s first devotional channel, and Vanitha TV is an exclusive channel for women. Resonating with its tagline Prathikshanam Prajahitham, NTV always strives to stand on behalf of the people and their problems. The channel aims to better the lives of the underprivileged and act as an arbitrator between people and power. A firm believer that fearless journalism is an essential tool for heralding social change, NTV works hard to present bold news. News is the most preferred news channel for its unbiased reporting. As a one-stop destination for responsible and trustworthy News, NTV strongly advocates for human rights, especially for the weak and marginalized. NTV has high ethical values and never compromises on morals. As one of the leading Telugu news channels, NTV stands out with its strong editorial and high reporting standards. 

NTV adapts to new approaches and inventive concepts that emphasise morality, integrity, and the welfare of the people. In these 15 years, NTV achieved the No.1 position among all top competitors in Telugu Media. The channel is known for being people-friendly and continues to maintain superiority in news gathering and broadcasting. NTV unearthed many exciting stories and has base at all major locations in Telugu states. It also expanded its horizons after their separation and has expanded to other important cities throughout India. NTV never compromises on quality and always focuses on fast and accurate reporting. NTV is the most trusted Telugu news channel in Telugu Diaspora and presents accurate and reliable news throughout the day. The channel is credited for giving voice to the voiceless. With sincere insights and comprehensive analysis, the channel directs viewers to access correct information and take mindful decisions. It is neutral and unbiased and offers news without any influence. It covers stories from multiple perspectives to make viewers understand better. NTV enjoys a large viewership and is emerged as one of the most preferred Telugu news channels for Indians across the globe. With many bulletins and innovative program lineups, the channel brings major events, breakthroughs and updates. By focusing on politics, business, sports, entertainment, technology, and much more, the channel caters to all sections of society. With valuable discussions and debates, this allows users to consume transparent and bold news.  

Watch Telugu news online on NTV through YuppTV, a perfect binge partner to watch Indian content in more than 14 languages. Get all the latest happenings across the globe on your mobile whenever and wherever. Watching News has become all the way comfortable due to advanced technology. News is readily available and accessible today at lightning speed. It has become an integral part of life and is offered through various channels and sources. With many live channels available, giving continuous feeds, access to the latest information is available at your fingertips. Check out other Telugu news channels like Sakshi, ETV Andhra Pradesh, ETV Telangana, 10TV, V6, TV9 and many others on YuppTV to stay well informed on all significant events. Also, access popular News channels like NDTV, Republic Bharat, TV9, Aajtak, Zee News, India TV, Sakshi, TV5, Malayalam Manorama, Polimer News, IBC, Suvarna News and many more in English, Hindi and other major regional languages. Besides news, YuppTV brings the latest movies, popular TV shows, most watched serials, and reality shows in music, dance, comedy, adventure, cooking and more. Access more than 300 TV channels and never allow boredom hit you. 

YuppTV is a hub for over 300 TV channels with a huge viewer base. The platform has users from all parts of the world and brings recent movies, super hit blockbusters, old classics, popular serials, top-rated shows, live news, live sports and much more. With catch-up TV, never miss out on exciting content days after they are aired. Download the YuppTV app and subscribe to watch the latest films, serials, shows, live news and sports. Enjoy seamless streaming and an enhanced viewing experience on YuppTV like never before. 

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