cbse class 10th board exam 2022 date sheet

Central Board of Secondary Education has released term 2 exam date sheet on March 11, 2022.  

he CBSE Class 10 term 2 board exams will be held from April 26 to May 24, 2022. While practical exams are being held from March 2, 2022.  

“Last date would be 10 days before the date of last examination of respective classes.  

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No extension of the dates shall be considered by the Board,” read the official CBSE notice on practical exams. 

The term 1 CBSE Class 10 date sheet 2022 was released on October 18, 2021 

CBSE Board has announced the CBSE board exam date 2022 class 10 for private students along with regular students.  

CBSE 10th date sheet 2022 pdf contains exam date and time for all Class 10 board exams.  

CBSE Class 10th Term 2 board exams will be conducted from April 26 to May 24, 2022. The official term 2 date sheet is out now 

With the duration of two hours, the question paper will have case-based/situation-based, open-ended- short answer/ long answer type questions.  

In addition, the board may conduct a 90 minutes long MCQ-based exam.