Exit poll up election 2022 RESULT

Who will make the government in Uttar Pradesh, Will BJP government became again in UP?

According to the report most of the seat has been won BY the BJP Parytty which means that there is chance of BJP to Win, It is not confirmed as election result has not been decl;ared yet.

Almost all Pollsters predicted that BJP will come to power once again. Lets see who makes the government in UP. 

BJP+ - 288-326 seats SP+. - 71-101 seats BSP - 3-9 seats Congress - 1-3 seat

SAIGYAN exit poll predicts A BIG WIN for BJP in UP

Well Guys Poll Result are not actuual result it is result that is predicted by the Pollster or Experts. 

The pollster says ration, prashasan and women voters have worked for the BJP, even predicting the BJP having 16% edge over SP among women voter

Guys this is going to be must waited election result because no Party has been elected two times in UP. Will BJP form the government?

According to the report BJP party has done lost of development in UP, so their is lots of chance to win the election.

Guys what do you think, who will make the government in Uttar Pradesh? Will Exit Poll be incorrect?