is bts coming to india in 2022

India to host first ever Bangtan concert in this city during their 2022 world tour; deets inside

Desi ARMY’s you can scream now. Because in a fresh new development there is a higher chance of the K-pop sensation BTS marking it's visit to India.  

The septet has recently glimpsed about their global visit in 2022 after announcing Seoul and Las angeles concert.  

As we know during the interview with Sakshma Shrivastava BTS mentioned their desire to come India as soon as the pandemic ends 

infact their label Big Hit too confirmed the news, but now looks like the wait is finally going to be over. Although there is no official confirmation yet 

The visit of the infamous K-pop band BTS to India very soon this year as part of its next round of world tour once the Coronavirus outbreak ends

It has been confirmed by credible sources in the K-pop world as reported by leheren.  

The coronavirus pandemic restrictions has eased up in different parts of globe including India which makes it easier for the artists around the globe to schedule their upcoming concerts 

Now, following the rumored news, desi army’s for sure forgot to keep their calm and went crazy to find out the exact venue for their further preparations.  

The news sources claim that the Hybe labels have shortlisted Ahmedabad, Gujarat, as their Indian location, but more information regarding the confirmation is still awaited.  

Indian dedicated K-pop fans and ARMY's have been waiting for this day since a long time. 

Not only for us but India has always been on their cards too, the situation wasn't just acting in favor. 

And now if everythings goes well hopfully we will get an oppurtunity to watch OT7 (RM, JIN, SUGA, HOBI, JIMIN, TAEHYUNG & Jungkook) live. 

Most of Indian girl as well as boys are excited to wlecome K-Pop to India. There is huge fan of K-Pop in India. Are You excited guys?

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