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SUGA BTS was born on 9 March 1993, he is 28 years old

BTS member Suga spoke about their upcoming concerts, his birthday, his health post-Covid-19, and his recently released songs in a recent live.  

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The second older member of the group held a live session on V Live on Tuesday evening and interacted with ARMY, BTS fandom. 

During the session, Suga spoke about his hair, "My hair's gotten a lot longer right? I'm growing it for now. 

There are people saying grow my hair longer, and there are people saying to cut it." 

Earlier Jimin had shared a post, saying, "I made the title for Yoongi hyung's (elder brother) V Live." The title for Suga's Live was, 'My hair has grown a lot longer'. 

When a fan teased Suga saying that he's getting younger, he laughed and said, "I'm 30, I'm not that old yet." 

Speaking about the original soundtrack, Stay Alive, that he produced for the webtoon 7 Fates Chakho, Suga asked the feedback of his viewers. 


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